// Never Is Always

TIRECS 004, 19 June 2017, Vinyl, CD & Tape


GIW is the solo project of trumpeter & performer Pablo Giw from Cologne, Germany. With his debut record „Never Is Always“, he releases a intense collage of diverse musical material, based on experimental trumpet playing with extended playing techniques. The album also features his expressive vocals and spoken word lyrics. GIW works with elements from various genres, combining minimalist structures with noise & neo soul, creating dense sound walls and hissing beats made of air. Having electronic music in mind, but creating it by mostly acoustic and instrumental means, „Never Is Always“ is also a logical consequence of GIWs musical development. He redefines his role as a trumpet player and uses his instrument as sound generator for complex harmonic layers, a drum machine or as a filter for his voice. His album has a contemplative atmosphere, reflecting on the self and the outer world.

GIW - trumpet, voice, synths

1. Morning Machine
2. What’s Outside Isn’t There
3. I Saw You / Trouble
4. Hain
5. Gone
6. The Golden Calf
7. Right Endeavour
8. Never Is Always


Elmassaoudi / Turnbull / Fityan / Giw / Kurth
// tamas

TIRECS 003, 24 April 2015, CD Digipak

Tamas is a free improvised project, initiated by percussionist Joss Turnbull and trumpeter Pablo Giw. The music is inspired by the arabic word ’tamas', which means contact or touch but in Sanskrit also darkness or illusion. Recordings took place during 10 days of 2010, featuring ney virtuose Mohamad Fityan from Syria as well as moroccan singer Abdelghani Elmassaoudi and german guitarist Matthias Kurth.

The album is based on field recordings from two visits to pre-civil war Syria and Lebanon in 2009 and 2010. The dense and complex noises of the cities Damascus and Beirut sound together with early- and pre-islamic poetry sung by Elmassoudi. Accompanied by Matthias Kurths abstract guitar lines, Fityans hissing ney and kawala flutes circle around Turnbulls diverse percussion. On 12 tracks the quintet creates a fragile, melancholic music that convinces by its deep honesty.

Abdelghani Elmassaoudi - vocals
Joss Turnbull - field recordings, percussion
Mohamad Fityan - nay, kawala
Pablo Giw - trumpet, cornetto
Matthias Kurth - electric guitar

-> jossturnbull.de
-> pablogiw.com

"This music shows human emotion in its broad and diverse spectrum"
Suleman Taoufiq

1. Mood
2. Root
3. Concept
4. Scene I
5. Nostalgia I
6. Beirut
7. Contrast
8. Scene II
9. Damascus
10. Nostalgia II
11. Scene III
12. Circle


// (self titled)

TIRECS 002, released 2014, Vinyl+Digital

Featuring EIKOs voice+electronics and DUS-TI with drums, trumpet & synths. Cut song fragments, dense drones and grooves, apocalyptic eruptions and silence... Fast movements from loudness to silence and vice versa.
The electronic charged music of this record trembles and breaks apart to build up again and again.

1. Grind
2. Kelp
3. Snowfox
4. Prouch
5. Dart

-> dus-ti.com
-> eiko-music.com


// -EP

TIRECS 001, released 2013, Vinyl+Digital

The second release by DUS-TI, Mirek Pyschny on drums, electronics and Pablo Giw on trumpet, electronics & synths. A foggy trip through misty moods on 4 tracks recorded in summer 2012.

1. The Wind
2. Jak To?
3. Answer Me
4. Saturn

-> video clip
-> dus-ti.com


"Very dark music, picking up where Suicide stopped, integrating influences of jazz(core), krautrock, etc. The duo has a clear vision of what they want to create, as this music is crystal clear and not to be neglected. They are very focussed and deliver a beautiful follow-up to their debut album."
(Vital Weekly)

"A virtousic, fascinating and magnificient nighttime record!"

"...like the update of a Kraftwerk trip, rushing on the Autobahn outer space."
(Bad Alchemy)